First Light Resort & Casino Local Construction Update

New Water Main Installation on Pinehill and Stevens Street

Effort continues to complete the new water main installation while school is out. Work began on Monday July 18thbeginning at Pinehill Street and continuing up to Stevens Street. Work will continue along Stevens Street to the area of O’Connell Way. Work Hours will be Monday through Friday 7 AM to 5 PM;Weather permitting this work is expected take about 6 weeks.

Work is currently tracking ahead of the previous notice schedule.

The installationof the bypass water lines along the construction route was completed on 7/22/16. These lines will feed the houses along the route so they will not be without water during construction. In places the lines will have to cross driveways sidewalks etc. near the street, temporary ramps over the lines were installed. Once these lines have passed water quality tests, the contractor will begin to connect the homes to the bypass system. This will remain in place until the project is complete. The city will assist the contractor as needed to connect residents.

Weather permitting the contractor will begin the new water main on Pinehill St. on July 28th and complete on August 3rd.   Water main work will then move to Stevens St. on August 4th and continue until August 16th. While people will be on the bypass main during construction there may be some occasional water outages when people are tied to bypass or the new water main.  We will do our best to notify people when outages will occur.

During the actual water main construction there will be some detours.   The work on Pinehill St. will be restricted to local access during that week of construction. The local access restriction will also affect residents on Garden and Woodlawn St. At all times local access will be available to all the residents within the work area.    Emergency services: Police, Fire, and Ambulances will be notified as work progresses for best access to areas where work is in progress. Every reasonable effort will be made to minimize the inconvenience to residents.

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